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Name:Sinric the Wanderer
Sinric the Wanderer.

Sinric has travelled to world, from the Orient to the frozen north. He has always been beautiful. Beautiful enough to be a woman when he wants to. Or anything else he wants to be. When it’s useful to him.

Sinric started life as a eunuch in the Byzantine Court, traded as a slave. Prized for his golden hair and girlish looks Sinric was gelded by the emperor’s use and pleasure.

Aware of the power his looks can have over men and women, Sinric escaped the court and made his own way, exploring the world. Changing names and looks and history as needed.

But beauty fades and a life lived on the edge catches up with you eventually.

At some point later in his life, Sinric meets a northman named Ragnar Lothbrok who was more than happy to buy ale for someone so full of stories...

Canon speculation: Sinric appears in the last four episodes of season 3 of Vikings. It is entirely possible, given the nature of the series, that Sinric is actually a god. Or something similar. As of the end of series 3 we just don’t know. I’m playing Sinric as a mortal until I know otherwise. And even gods give their mortal forms back-story so why not? When and if we find out different, I’ll look at changing him.

Physical appearance: As a youth, Sinric has a fine-boned face and beautiful long blonde hair. Sinric is physically small but with long and shapely limbs. His bones are slightly more brittle than average and it doesn’t take as much to break them and he bruises easily. His pecs are full and soft, resembling the small breasts and are highly sensitive. He had no facial hair but for brows and lashes and almost no body hair. His voice is high and sweet as any castrato and he’s a very good singer.

General trigger warnings: Historically contextual castration and genital multination, child prostitution, and slavery.

Mun is Munnin and can be contacted at munnin.odin (at) or via journal PM.

Sinric is from The Vikings, and is the property of the History Channel. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Names Sinric tends to use -

In the bar - Oriens (East)
In the palace - Aureus (gold)
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