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Sinric – University AU

Sin Isaurian is a musicology and violin student at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence. Not a native Florentine, Sin’s passport says he’s from Turkey. Mostly true.

He’s twenty years old but looks younger. Delicately featured with a mane of wavy gold hair. The face of a Botticelli angel. Poor as a church mouse and barely surviving on a scholarship, Sin lives of coffee and sleep-deprivation.

He usually dressed conservatively masculine to avoid attention but was once described as a “genderfluid boho creative.” For anyone paying very close attention, they may notice Sin wears a well-made chest binder. Mostly he hides it well.

He also wears a slender silver medic-alert bracelet that denotes him as epileptic. It’s quite new and he tends to fiddle with it.

Sin comes off as a shy, gentle individual, just making his way in the world. But it comes with the price of a dark past that he’s always wary may catch up to him.

Past threading for this AU including canon Hannibal and AU Ragnar and Athelstan can be found here.


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